Thursday, January 12, 2012

Will my moss books ever arrive?

Leucolepis acanthoneuron

I ordered my books on December 23rd, and my credit card was charged on December 28th:
CA NATIVE PLANT SOC 0916 12/28CA NATIVE $144.50. 

But the books have not yet arrived and one of my classmates who did not ordered the books a week later than I did already has his books.  What the hell is going on?

I emailed and asked that question, but in a much nicer way and the response I got was they can't even look at my account to find out where they screwed up until January 17.  Just great...  I wish there was someplace else to order these books from, but there is not.  It looks like I have no chance of getting my required text books until late January.

I tried the get them through the college interlibrary loan and found two of them and ordered them only to get a message saying: We regret that we have been unable to fill your Summit Borrowing Request
for the title listed below.

Even the college bookstore can not get these books or get a reasonable response from the folks sending them.  If I was the author of one of these books I think I'd find a better outlet for selling them..

I'm starting to see moss, I mean I always knew it was there.  This blog was originally called nativemossback at blog spot becuase I'm a local and moss grows everywhere here, even on the backs of locals they say.  But I lost my password for that account soon after I started it.  Then I decided to go with walks with moss and a play on the whole dances with wolves thing.  I wonder if I could even find or figure out how to recover that blog? Oh here it is :

I think this is Oregon Beak Moss
But now I am noticing the moss growing next to the lichens and some of it I am beginning to recognize.  I'm surprised at how fast it is happening too.
This blog is a bit messed up with double posts of everything since I deleted mosswalks and then restarted moss walks and reuploaded every thing all in the hope of fixing the search problem with this blog.  Well the search problem is not fixed and now I have two of every post.  I am slowly working my way through deleting the double posts.

I am still feeling ill with some sort of cold that just hangs on, I am also getting manic.  It's tough to fight mania when ill.  I need to go hiking for my mental health but I need to stay home and rest up for my physical health.  So am staying home and obsessing about moss.  There are far worse things to obsess about when manic.  I hope to calm down and get over this cold in time to do some hiking this week.

My class is going to invade the Lower South Fork Skokomish trail.  This will be the third class I have taken that has invaded that trail.  Funny that I've never run into to other classes out there.  Funny how I always end up taking a class that has me hiking in the woods and taking pictures.  I can't believe that I am earning my Upper division science credit by going for hikes and taking picture of moss.  Wow, I'm so lucky!

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