Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Started PT

Ok I bit the bullet and started PT for my ankle. The therapist says my ankle is very strong and very tight, so I just need to teach my ankle where it is in space. I hope he is right. He told me not to go hiking, even with a brace on, until we have had a few sessions together.

In the mean time we are fighting for our lives to keep the ADAGE incinerator out of Mason county.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Capitol Lake

I walked around capitol lake three times. BORING!! The sidewalk is nice and level so I knew it would be safe for my ankle. I guess that was about 4.5 miles. My ankle was fine during the walk but it started aching a few hours later. I'm terrified that my hiking days may be over. I hope the Dr. can fix this. I don't want to give up hiking.

I did not like walking with all the people, it was stressful. Some people were smoking. The only place I can see God is in the mountains. I can't quit hiking.

I'm getting depressed. I've got to get my ankle fixed.

I'm so anxious that I am paralyzed. I'm glad I've still got biomass things to go to; they get me out of the house and break the paralysis.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Ankle

I'm pretty freaked out about my right ankle. I can't walk on any uneven ground with out it flopping over and hurting. I've been prescribed physical therapy but I have no hope for it. I'll go through the motions though. I think I need another surgery. Both of my ankles were operated on about 20 years ago. My left ankle has been fine ever since the surgery but my right ankle was never perfect. But until now it was good enough.