Sunday, May 24, 2009

school and flu season

I've had two flu-like illness in the past month. A member of my class claims to of had swine flu last week. He is a Texan so I can't be sure. I'm coming down with a cold right now. But school will be over soon and then I should feel well until September. I'm looking forward to hiking again.

Here is one of my black and white photo's, I scanned on the fancy scanner at the college. I don't know if it was my best copy of this picture, I'm too tired to go through the pictures I printed today. This is the only one I scanned. I'm going to try to do my final critique tomorrow so I will stop printing!

Our class will be putting on a show next Thursday and Friday.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tacoma PMR Protest

The Start




I don't know how this protest ended. I turned around when the march headed up the highway. I was hoping to get some good photos but the protest started after dark rendering my black and white film camera obsolete.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Black and White Film Photography

Three pictures I have taken. I took these with a Pentax K1000 with a 50mm lens and no filter. I loaded the film onto reels, developed the reels and then printed these pictures one at a time. It is a very time consuming process but it is fun too.

This guy landed in Shelton one day. He dreams of opening a legal marijuana pharmacy in this store.

Taken in a clear cut.

My daughter and a pile of old Olympia Beer cans near Lake West

I printed the next two from some old black and white negatives I found in my grandparents basement after my grandparents passed away. I wish my family would have let me have all the negatives so I could develop them.

I think this is great-grandma rigney

I don't know who this guy is. My Professor says this looks like it was taken in the 1940's. It was in the same film strip as the one above.

I also have printed a negative of Grandpa Lycan's oil well and what might have been his house. If my mother reads this blog maybe she can tell me who these people are.