Saturday, June 18, 2011

Onery Goat on Mount Rose

Cute but wild

Mount Rose is my favorite mountain in the Olympics, it's also not far from Shelton.  The Mount Rose trail starts at Lake Cushman.  Last week a hiker reported that a mountain goat chased him down the trail for one mile.   I've never seen a goat on Mount Rose, I always see them on Ellinor.   I am convinced that one day a goat will butt someone right of the summit of Ellinor.  I love the goats but I fear them too.  More people should learn to fear mountains goats, as they are wild animals and they have really sharp horns!  For now no one has been hurt on Mount Rose or Mount Ellinor  but recently a goat killed a hiker on the switchback trail on hurricane ridge.

Goat on Mount Jupiter, this is the way I like to see goats in
the Olympics.  These were on a distant peak, so I was safe but
and I had a great view of the goats during my lunch break
 So be careful out there, give goats the right of way, it is their home that you are invading.  If a goat decides it wants to take of the trail, by all means get off the trail and walk around the goat!   One other tip that I can give you is to bring trekking poles with you.  Goats (and bears) will usually clear off if you clank your trekking poles together.  But only do this as a last resort.

The hiker posted a picture of the goat he had trouble with here:

The ferocious domesticated Nubian is safe to pet but she deserves your  respect too!

These beautiful black bears gave me the space I needed after I clanked my trekking poles together. 
This was taken with a 12X zoom from about 300 feet way.