Friday, November 28, 2008

South Mountain Turkey Burn to Celebrate Native American Heritage Day / Black Friday

"Trailhead" you can see the fog up higher.

A foggy roadwalk

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Friday, January 25, 2008
Wednesday, January 31, 2007

To get to South Mountain you take the Shelton-Matlock exit off of highway 101 and head for Matlock. Go several miles until you pass Mill five then go about ½ mile until you see a large dirt road to the left take it and then take the first left. This is the 800 line it was a railroad line once and this part of the Olympics have been absolutely savaged by Simpson Timber Company. It is also owned by the timber company.

Wasted Wood

It always makes me sad to see all the destruction but I tried to remind myself that deer like clearings so maybe there are more deer and cougar here where the forest was. Then I rounded the corner to see three pick up truck loads full of deer hunters  At least they were kind enough to yield to me as I roared off to my destination at 45MPH down the dirt road. Some hunters like to drive slowly in hopes of finding an animal to kill and they don’t like to let other people pass them by and have a chance of getting to the animals first.

A small East summit tower

Oh my what a rainy day, my Seattle Sombrero got a good test. When I put on my rainpants I was pleasantly surprised to find that my waist has shrunk a bit since the last time I wore them. Going up South Mountain for the view seemed pointless so instead I went up it for the thrill of seeing the East Summit (or was it just the middle summit?) for the first time. South Mountain is close to home and the days are getting shorter. I started my trek at about 10:30 and made it up to the top sometime around 1:00. The shed on the East summit has a camera pointed at the door. I wish I could have gone in the shed it was so wet and cold up there. Too wet and cold to pause long enough to eat my lunch. I made some funny faces at the camera by the door and wondered if there was a camera on the tower too. I was so cold that when I got back down to the saddle I decided to go up the saddle to the West summit instead of going down. The exertion of going up again would warm me up some.

East summit shack camera

East summit shack

bottom of the East Summit tower

Top of East Summit Towers
I think the Shelton Police use this repeater. I'll have to bring my scanner with RF capture technology up here one day.

There was a truck and horse-like trailer parked at the top of the West summit. That surprised me since the gate below was locked I did not expect anyone to be up working on the tower. The workman was nice but I did not stay for long before I headed back down. I mentioned the East summit shack camera to him and he said it could see all the way to the West summit. So there is a camera on the tower then. No way that camera could see to the other summit in today’s fog though. I am glad that I always suspected a camera was up there and took measure to hide myself in the woods when answering the call of nature.

Complete track log

I finally headed down for real at about 2pm. I had 4 miles to hike and two hours until sundown. No problem but I did want to make it home before darkness fell because the windshield wipers on my Jeep are broken and the glare of on coming headlights on the raindrops on the windshield after dark blinds me. I heard a lot of gunshots as I was headed down and I hoped that no one was shooting up my Jeep. Last winter someone shot a tree down just a few feet from my Jeep so I had good reason to worry.

I made it home just before dark settled in. I sat in the driveway for a minute or two wondering if I really wanted to go inside and face my destroyed house. My kids destroy the house when I go hiking and my husband does nothing. The cold and the desire to blog about my hike made me go inside. I was surprised to see the house was not trashed. My youngest is in bed sick and my oldest has been off trading pokemon on the GTS at the local internet café most of the day. She now owns a shiny level 100 Galade with a power anklet.

Before hiking

After hiking

With the elevation gain this hike took a bit more out of me then last weeks longer hike but I’m still flying from hikers high at the moment. I know I will be sore in the morning though. My hiking gear was so wet and muddy that I have put most of it in the washing machine.

My husband informed that while I was gone hike people were trampling each other to death in Wal-Marts all across the country. Maybe the "black" in black friday does not just stand for profit margins. This year Bush signed and order making the day after Thanksgiving "Native American Heritage Day" I'm sure that the irony of honoring Native American Heritage on black friday is not lost on most of us with Indian roots.

I'm only hypomanic today and I was not very manic yesterday (I did go for a 3 miles hike around town to temper it) so maybe I will start coming down a bit now. I'm going to be tired and sore tomorrow so any mania I do experience tomorrow will be greatly subdued. Paranoia and hallucinations seem to be taking the place of my mania but I won't go into the details here. I won't go back up camera infested South Mountian until my headspace changes some. I kept my right wrist elevated above my heart for the entire hike and I felt very little wrist pain but I am looking forward to when I can get more use out of my right hand. I have started physical therapy to that end.

9.3 miles
2400 elevation gain plus some ups and downs
128 miles on my soaking wet hiking shoes now

Profile zoomed in on the two summits clearly shows that the west summit (on the right) is higher.

EntireElevation profile log

Elevation profile from the "trailhead" to the East Summit

Other times I have blogged South Mountain (click on them to see the great views)
Friday, January 25, 2008
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ready to hike?

My cast is off an I am typing with both hands again! Come hell or high water I am going hiking this weekend. I'm going to start off with a road hike, I don't want to risk falling on my sore wrists. I think my left hand can handle a trekking pole but I know my right hand is not ready yet. I am surprised at how well I can type with my right hand though. I'm going to go ahead and try to do an 8 miler, I'm sure to be getting out of shape but my calves still feel muscular. I'm tempted to hike up South Mountain but maybe I'm not quite ready for all that elevation gain just yet and there might be slippery stuff near the top. Looking at the Olympics on my way home from Olympia today I judged the snow level to be at about 4000 feet South Mountain tops out at 3000 feet.


The National Weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for snow in the Olympic Mountain above 4000 feet today. The advisory will be in effect from 10 AM until 6 PM today. Forecasters are saying a vigorous Pacific storm will bring snow and gusty winds to the area today. Snowfall amounts of 4 to 8 inches are likely by late today. Although the snow level will plummet to near 3000 feet later this afternoon, accumulations at this level are expected to be less than three inches.

My cast was replaced with a wrist brace. I'm supposed to take my wrist brace off three times a day to do stretching exercises and I'm supposed to go to physical therapy. I don't know if I will bother with the therapy with my insurance situation. The brace needs to stay on for one month.

day 1 with no cast

No more stinky noisy trains to wake us up and deafen my children for three weeks! I feel for the families that will be impacted by this but I am so glad that the *%&*#@^ trains will stop running for a while!!! I'm also happy for the so-called forest, it might get a break from the noise and destruction for an entire month. Maybe I will go up South Mountain (on simpson aka "green diamond" land) next month and maybe the only sounds I will hear will be the sounds of nature.

My neighbor got laid off from the saw mill last year and he was told it would be a year before he would be called back, I'm guessing he will never be called back now.
But he is plugged into the local good old boys network so he at least was able to get another good job right away.

By Dedrick Allan 11/20/2008

Simpson Timber Company will be curtailing its operations in Shelton for one week beginning Monday. A two week curtailment is also scheduled beginning December 22nd. This action will impact 200 employees in Shelton, at Mill 5 in Dayton, and on the Simpson railroad. According to company officials, the curtailments are due to market conditions. Meanwhile, Green Diamond Resource Company's logging crews will be off for all of December impacting 15 employees.

Friday, November 7, 2008


My raincoat does not fit over my cast and my good hand is still in recovery, it is way too soon for me to go hiking. it will be a while before this goes back to being a hiking blog. with a cast on i can't even (legally) drive up the 101 to watch the salmon swim across it today. but at least my studded snow tires will be legal again on the 15th

taking pictures with my right handed camera is difficult. i have managed to do some ok drawings with my left hand though. school and flu season is in full swing as well so i am ill with a fever and sinus complaints. so far this year my 4 year old daughter had been exposed to lice and strep throat at pre-school.

Volar Plating Distal Radius
here is a utube of the type of surgery i had. it is very graphic. my dad aften made me clean his fish when i was a kid but this is still hard for me to watch.

mushrooms made the front page of the Seattle times today!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It must be November.....the skok is flooding

I love hiking in the rain, i get the trails all to myself. i wonder if my rain coat will fit over my cast?

the skok is expected to crest just at flood stage. the new purdy creek bridge is not yet done as far as i know.

well what a difference a few hours makes! according to the usgs chart the skok has hit flood stage.

It must be November.....the skok is flooding

I love hiking in the rain, i get the trails all to myself. i wonder if my rain coat will fit over my cast?

the skok is expected to crest just at flood stage. the new purdy creek bridge is not yet done as far as i know.

well what a difference a few hours makes! according to the usgs chart the skok has hit flood stage.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dried Mushrooms Slow Climate Warming In Northern Forests

Dried Mushrooms Slow Climate Warming In Northern Forests

ScienceDaily (Nov. 5, 2008) — The fight against climate warming has an unexpected ally in mushrooms growing in dry spruce forests covering Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia and other northern regions, a new UC Irvine study finds. more..

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nintendo ds lite defective cracked hinge

Many ds lite systems have developed hinge cracks.

My DS LITE IS BARELY USED and it will not stay up in the right position to play it thanks to two cracks. I will call nintendo of America (noa) on Monday and will see what they say.

My DS fat is almost 4 years old and has never had this problem. I have owned every gameboy system since the original, I even have the original tetris. No other system has given me any troubles. The ds lite is flawed.

This is the best picture I could take left handed with my right handed camera.

problems with ds lite links
DS Lite Crack

Cracked hinge

Update: customer service at NOA said they will repair my DS under the wArrnty and they will pa for the postage. They also said that if the hinge had completely broken they would not cover it.

another update. I have my ds back, the repair was done quickly and i am pleased.