Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nintendo ds lite defective cracked hinge

Many ds lite systems have developed hinge cracks.

My DS LITE IS BARELY USED and it will not stay up in the right position to play it thanks to two cracks. I will call nintendo of America (noa) on Monday and will see what they say.

My DS fat is almost 4 years old and has never had this problem. I have owned every gameboy system since the original, I even have the original tetris. No other system has given me any troubles. The ds lite is flawed.

This is the best picture I could take left handed with my right handed camera.

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Cracked hinge

Update: customer service at NOA said they will repair my DS under the wArrnty and they will pa for the postage. They also said that if the hinge had completely broken they would not cover it.

another update. I have my ds back, the repair was done quickly and i am pleased.

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