Friday, January 27, 2006

North Fork Skok

Yes again.. what can I say it's close to home and it's in the National Park. The gate is closed about a mile from the trail head. I hiked to spike camp and back. That's 9.6 miles according to my GPS. Just before I reached Spike Camp I was ready to put on my snowshoes.

I've been hiding geocaches all over my home town. I get lots of exercise while planting them and then checking on them.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lower Lena Lake

I have now seen Lower Lena Lake in all 4 seasons. I hiked past the lake and about a mile into the Brother's Wilderness before I turnedback. The Brothers trail has some very rough spots where it has washed out and trees have fallen across it and there is lots of water on the trail. I think I hiked eight or nine miles.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

24 straight days of rain, and there's no end in sight

Counting today, Seattle has seen 23 consecutive days of rain and the National Weather Service is forecasting rain for at least seven more. If the forecast holds true and it keeps raining through the end of next week, Seattle could be on its way to a new record, surpassing that 33-day stretch of rain set in 1953.

The police are opening up an evacuation route for a nearby Valley.

I did this weeks hike in the city because I figured the highway to all my hiking areas would be flooded it. They are opening up an evacuation route for the Skokomish Valley.

I took the Bus to Olympia and went Geocaching. According to my GPS I walked about ten miles. I found 7 geocaches today. I would have found more if I had not forgotten my paper work. I went on several wild goose chases with bad coordinates because I did not have the paper that I crossed out the bad ones one. Still 7 is not bad and I got some exercise.

I stayed nice and dry in all my new rain gear but I did turn a lot of heads. I was dressed for the back country but I was in the city. There are so many homeless people in Olympia, I wonder what they are doing to stay dry?