Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Show Mason County How you Feel about Incinerators


If you have been looking for a way to show the COMMISSIONERS how you feel about the INCINERATORS and not having a VOICE in the DECISION making process, this is your CHANCE.

There will be a DEMONSTRATION THURSDAY, 5-7pm.  You can come early and stay late.  This is the first demonstration taking place after normal working hours so be prepared for a large turn out.  The LOCATION is  KNEELAND BLVD @ WALMART.

See you there!!!

photographs by Shawnie Whelan all rights reserved

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vincent Hill (Grisdale)

I did my test hike of 4 miles on a level surface today. I went up Vincent hill. The test was to see if I had pain later, the last time I did a 4 mile hike my ankle started to hurt about an hour later. My ankle did not roll at all on this hike and it does not hurt right now. There was mild pain while I was hiking but that might be normal for me.

The hike was not very peacefull thanks to the Forest Service Helicopter logging operation. The forest service is yanking 2,000 whole trees out of the ground and dumping them in the Skokomish river in the name of habitat restoration. What a crock of shit!!! That river is already filled with logs thanks to the 2007 rain on snow event. Anything to make a buck, and they got some nice grants to pay for this B.S..

The only view from the top was the helicopter logging. There was too much smog to see the cascades or anything else beyond Tacoma. I wonder if we will ever get our clear views back?

We are still fighting biomass incinerators in Shelton, it's goint to be a busy summer.

4 miles
elevation gain?

Lower Forest

Smoggy (no)view

Wood left to rot.  Not burned in an open pile or an incinerator in town

Cutting down trees and dumping them in the river (can you say boondoggle?)

In this close up you can see workers in orange and trees laid out on the bank

Same picture uncropped

Pano of view from the top.  Without the smog you can see the cascades from here.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Still In PT

So I've had three physical therapy sessions for my ankle now. Both PTs I've talked to said I should be able to hike again. They say my ankle forgot where it was in space when I sprained it.

I got the go ahead to take my kiddo up Mount Ellinor if I wear a brace. She's six so I'll be forced to go slow and easy. I want to take her up there before all the snow melts. It was 91 degrees yesterday and is supposed to be hotter today so the snow should be gone soon.

I'll start from the upper trail head. I'll leave my pooch at home, I don't need her knocking me off balance.

We are planning a protest in front of the temporary ADAGE office on Oly highyway north. ADAGE wants to put in a massive biomass incinerator that will burn a ton of trees every 51 second. This will foul our air throughout the region and endanger our forests. Please join us.

WHY participate in demonstrations?

You can actively be with people with whom you share a point of view...

You can enjoy the feeling that you can have some influence, however small, in the world that makes it a better place...starting right here in your own back yard.

Participating in a demonstration is one of the highest forms of democracy in action. It is following in the footsteps of the founders of this country. It is service to humanity. It is not treason. It is not heresy. It is not terrorism. It is a legal right. It is an expression of truth.

Please DARE to CARE & come join your friends & experience at least ONE demonstration firsthand!

Everyone is cordially invited to welcome Adage to their new office at 1620 N Olympic Hwy (just before the downhill to town).

Tuesday, July 13 at NOON

Think globally, act locally!!!

More information on biomass CLICK HERE