Sunday, December 18, 2011

Free, free, set them free

Free, free, set them free..
I set my lichens free today. Some will live and some will die and some are already dead.  If left in a shoebox they would all die.  I look forward to watching them spring back to life the next time it rains.

This is what I collected in alphabetical order:

Alectoria sarmentosa
Fallen limb parking lot “B” TESC
Date:1-Nov. 2011

Cladina rangiferina
Mossy road cut Opal Creek
N44*50.854 W 122*12.746
650 Meters 25-Oct-2011

Cladonia bellidiflora var. squamaltic acid
N45*55.584 W121*068
1,079M 5-Oct-2011

Cladonia gracilis ssp turbinata
Road Cut Camp Cushman Hoodsport Wa
306M 14-Oct-2011

Cladonia pyxidata
N45*55.584 W121*46.068
1079M 5-Oct-2011

Cetraria obata
Douglas-fir branch on ground
N47*86.712 W123*06.680
10M 15-Oct-2011

Evernia prunastri
On  fallen twig TESC parking lot “B”

Hypogymnia enteromorpha
N47*11.959 W123*09.126
40M 8-Oct-2011
Letharia vulpina
On fallen Pine twig
N45*15.217 W*121.12.517
359M  4-Oct-2011

Lobaria Oregona
Under second growth Douglas-fir
N44*50.995 W122*12.154
740M 25-Oct-2011

Lobaria pulmonaria
On Acer macrophyllum bark
10th and Franklin Shelton, Wa 98584
4M   2-Nov-2011

Ochrolechia oregonesis
On Alnus rubra bark
N44*50*455 W122*12.154
740M 24-Oct-2011

Placospis lambii
Opal Creek Jawbone Flats Oregon
930M  23-Oct-2011

Platismatia glauca
On ground under Douglas-fir
N45*54.332 W121*42.274
958M  4-Oct-2011

Peltigera aphthosa
N44*50.995 W 122*12.154
740M 25-Oct-2011

Peltigera britannica
On a mossy rock
N47.29.811 W123*03.978
50M 14-Oct-2011

Peltigera neopolydacyla
Mossy ground Oceanside
N46*51.489 W124*06.744
1M  14-Oct-2011

Pilophorus acicularis
Roadside rock Camp Cushman
Hoodsport Washington
46M  14-Oct-2011

Sphaerophorus tuckermanii
Tsuga bark Skokomish River Trail
N47*25.592 W123*21.050
195M  17-Oct-2011

Sticta limbata
Eastern Sugar Maple Bark
10th and Railroad Ave Shelton Wa
4M  3-Nov-2011

Usnea longissima
North Fork Santiam Road off
Highway 22 in Oregon
Elevation unknown 25-Oct-2011


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"Dog or Cougar?"

Name: Lucy
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La Bete Poilue said...


You come all the way here and do not let me know...

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