Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No go for Lena or Duckabush today

The U.S. Nanny Service says them there tree are too hazardous to hike under

Damn the US nanny for service trying to tell where it's safe to hike and shutting down the trail so they can remove "hazard" trees. B.S.!!!

Maybe they should cut down every tree in Olympic National Forest because they are all hazard trees. Oh wait, they already did that once. A sign posted on 101 saying that Lena Lake and Duckabush were closed would have saved a lot of miles on my car.

Maybe I will complain about the lack of signage.

The Forest service is logging the Lena Lake trailhead for profit.. uh I mean they are removing some "hazard" trees for your safety. So they shut the road right at the trail head and would not let me hike. I offered to skirt around the trail head in the woods but they said no. Maybe they thought I meant I wanted to skirt around them in my car, I did ask them for that too.  The kids blocking the road for the forest service were polite, I have no beef with them.

Shit, I really raced to get out to Lena so I could have enough time to hike in the light after getting my kiddo off to school. (winter Soltice is next week) I was not a happy hiker. But I decided to try to make the best of it and go do the Duckabush trail instead.

I don't like the Duckabush trail and I did not know if my car could make it out there. The last time I tried to go out there in a station wagon I spun out in the snow. But I tried to calm myself down and I was pretty calm by the time I reached the terror cabin.

It made me really happy to see that little cabin that the forest service is too stupid to name properly. Maybe doing Duckabush would turn out OK. It's been ages since I've gone down that trail because it's ugly and creepy. Ask any experienced hiker, that trail is haunted. So I knew I had to hurry up, no way I wanted to be hiking down that scary trail in the dark. I made it to the Duckabush trail head in good time only to find that the Duckabush trail was closed too! &*#%!

Why was it closed? It was closed due to a forest fire that went out months ago WTF? Really? REALLY??? I mean REALLY????

If I was not happy at being turned back at Lena....... imagine how unhappy I was to get turned back again at Duckabush. Grrrrr.. Did I throw a wobbler?  Perhaps...

No, I'm not a teabagger, but I sure as hell don't need the forest service to tell me if it's safe to go hiking or not.  I can figure that out my own damn self!  What happened to the freedom of the hills?  It's getting very hard to find it these days.

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