Monday, December 26, 2011

Bike around town

I finally got both of my panniers (novara around town) and got to test them out on a grocery run. They worked well, I transported home a dozen eggs without cracking any of them.   I also brought home 5 pounds of sugar, 5 pounds of flour, 1/2 gallon of milk, a huge bag of oatmeal and a box of powdered milk.  It all fit nicely in my two panniers, but they could not have held too much more. 

I needed to put air in my back tire before loading up my bike, but the gas station air compressor cost $1.00.  Screw that! I remember when those were free too use, and I was prepared to pay up to fifty cents but not $1.00!  I have a pump duct taped to my bike frame for emergency use, it's been there for two years without being used. Today I took the pump off and used it.  It's a PITA to use but it will work in a back country emergency.  Now I will store it in my pannier.  These panniers are meant for grocery shopping but I intend to use them to haul my gear to the trail head too.  I better get out there quick the winter rains have started and there is sure to be snow in some of my spots.

My bike is a 15 inch women's bike, there is no room on the frame to attach most accessories.  My last bike was 14 inches and that was just small enough to make my camera lens hit the handle bar from time to time so I went with a 15 inch bike when my 14 inch bike got stolen.

While out I checked on a geocache of mine that was near some recent logging. I thought the cache area had been logged but I found that the cache was actually quite safe. The cache is now located on the post of the New St. Edwards Church. The church was not there when I placed the cache.

It looks like Miles Sand and Gravel is responsible for the horrible ugly clear cut on the hill just north of town. It looks like a landslide waiting to happen. The hillside was too steep to log and think the hill will give way in a few years when the roots have rotted.  It's just as steep as the wooded hill above Loop Field. I sure hope they don't ever log that hill. I hope it's too steep to log.

There is a fairly permanent looking homestead set up not far from my cache, I've noticed it from railroad ave. I got a good close look at it today. I wonder if it belongs to my neighbor's son who just got hauled off to the mental hospital?

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