Monday, April 21, 2014

Dry Creek Trail to the Ridge Camp

I think this is the 38th time I have blogged this trail.. I bet I've hiked this trail more than anyone else..

It was supposed to by dry and sunny on Easter and then the weather would be back to rain on Monday.  So after getting permission from my family I went for a hike.  It has been a while since I went up Dry Creek.  I had been kind of avoiding it after my last trip up there.
This trip was better, but there was some rain, I may as well have hiked it on Monday.  The creek was high but I found a log to cross it on upstream of the trail.

There were a lot of trilliums in bloom before the creek crossing.  There are about 5 blow downs to navigate after the creek, other wise the trail is in good shape in spite of getting so little use.

Pellia was growing in the middle of the trail and producing sporophytes.
I made it to the beautiful ridge at 3pm and took an hour break.  I was tired; this hike always takes it out of me. 
When I got back down to the Lake I saw that a homeowner down there had left a massive fire going.  Fires are not allowed in that area anymore as far as I know.  There is a sign on the trail that says that there is a nature area all along there and camp fires are not allowed.
As always the old growth forest on the ridge was wonderful and the destruction on the Lake Shore was ugly.

11 miles with 2,300 feet elevation gain

Short video

Long video


Mount Rose

Where it all went pearshaped last time

It does not make me feel better that they planted one
for every one they cut down.  It will take up to 1,200 years to replace them


High Speed Chase

Kristen Delaney died here, but why?

Tea time

Lunch time view

Carnivore poop

Hypnum circinale moss on the log in camp

My hand made daypack on the Hypnum covered log

Evidence of very old trail work

The log we chose to cross the creek on

The official log crossing
(no thanks!)

Beautiful Mount Rose, named after  the father
of the mountain that mount Ellinor is named after
his future son-in-law  the cartographer was sucking up I guess

Fire by the lake

Homestead associated with the fire

The fire by the lake
there is a lot of footage of this in the longer video

Track log in Google Earth

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Final pictures of my completed daypack

I've tinkered with my day pack a little bit and now I am completely satisfied with it until I shred all the mesh. 

My home made hiking daypack is ultra light
I added some fabric to the back of the shoulder straps to help absorb and prevent sweating.  I also added some green shock cord that I actually paid for.

The final cost for my pack was about $8.00 in materials and thread.  The final weight is 11.5 ounces. Not bad.  I could have gone lighter if I had actually paid for any of the fabric but 11.5 ounces is just fine with me.

Side view
Final bit of tinkering added material to the back of the straps
to both absorb and help stop sweating.  I did this with my
new sewing machine so the lines are pretty straight.
Final weight 11.5 ounces
Visit this blog post to see how this pack was constructed.

While making my pack I learned that my sewing machine is a total piece of garbage.  My machine was so bad that the shop offered to sell me a different machine for $45, that is $5 less than the price of repairing my garbage machine, but even then the reverse would have been non functioning.

I told that shop that I would like to have a slight upgrade instead of the same model so they sold me a nice old Kenmore 158 for $75.  The older sewing machines are better then anything you can buy in the store as they were made to last.

The Kenmore has been serviced and it runs great.  I love it!  I look forward to doing more projects now that I have a sewing machine that actually works.

My new used sewing machine

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pack for sale

Custom converted to a roll top due to the fussy
top closure system that comes stock
I am selling my 2013 Gossamer Gear Gorilla pack.  My pack was custom converted to a roll top closure.  This pack has about 450 day hiking miles on it.  It is in good condition other than some holes in the mesh pockets and a small round stain on the hip belt pocket and some scribbling I did on the extension collar.  The holes are small and have been repaired.  This pack is freshly laundered so it smells great!

This is a small sized pack body with a medium sized hip belt.  Gossamer Gear packs run very long, so this should fit like a Medium in any other brand of pack.

Buying this pack will give someone a chance to test out an ultralight pack without having to sell their first born child.

$45 OBO plus shipping, local pick up is an option.
This thing sells for $185 plus $35 for the hip belt plus shipping when new.

Some holes in the mesh a prettier repair job could be
done with black colored thread

Freshly laundered so it smells great

This drawing has faded and all that is left is the hand writing
and parts of the tree trunks.  Draw your own design over it with a sharpie.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Urban "hikes" Coffee Creek trail

I'm feeling a bit anxious and out of sorts this week, also I think I am suffering from all the pollen in the air. I don't really feel like going out and doing a big hike in the Olympics, so I've been doing little hikes here in town.

Yesterday I went 5.5 miles and today I went 3.5 miles. There is a beautiful trail near my house that I can't access without either trespassing or driving a mile. A trailer park blocks the way and they won't let people pass to reach the trail. I think that is such a shame, I hope the city finds a way to make that trail accessible.

In the mean time I've been exploring some wastelands above highway 101. This is the dumpster diving of the hiking world. Hiking on ugly trails because they are close to home.

Abandoned glue sniffers camp

Abandoned glue sniffers camp
Abandoned glue sniffers camp


Neighborhood on the trail


Most of the "trail" looks like this