Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Lower Washington Road Walk and a secret pond.

Flying Camera panorama

Since my favorite winter hiking place is now open to vehicle traffic, I'm looking elsewhere to have fun.

Noticed a road off the Mount Ellinor road that I had never seen before.  Decided to see if that road was closed and hike it if it was closed.  But it was open, so I went for plan "B", hike the road below Mount Washington.  Ran into snow  about half a mile before my turn, so backed all the way back down to the Lower Ellinor trail head.  (There are two new pokestops at the trail head!)   I was unhappy, the weather was foggy and wet and I did not know where to hike.

Staircase is out of the question with a dog.  The Dry Creek trail is too damp and dark this time of  year.  The road above the gate on Elk Creek is really starting to bore me.  I'm bored with Mount Rose and all of the crowds that it now draws.  What to do?

When I got back down to the road I had hoped to hike, I was out of the fog and my mood lifted.  Sure the road was open, but I was going to hike it anyway.  That and the lifting of the fog really cheered me up.

 I was carrying a lot of weight in my pack with my flying camera and an extra lens and an external flash for my earthbound camera.  I lightened my load a bit by giving Sage one of her baggies of dog food and I dumped out my water.  I would not need water from home for this hike.

The hike was quite fun, but I had left my GPS behind in my car after turning on the track log.  I had cell service so I navigated by google earth topo and satellite maps.  On the satellite map I noticed what looked like a pond and decided I would fly my camera up there on the way back to see if there was a pond.  I did not feel like climbing the steep cliff to get there.

On the way in I also passed a parked truck, a real nice truck for a brush picker.  I sure wish I had a nice truck.

I opted to have lunch in a flat spot that I noticed below the road.  I think the spot was created when the earth slumped a bit.  I did not want to be right on the road in case trucks drove by.  During lunch I cast my new spell in Draconius Go "Field of Abundance"  with that spell I can spin 5-8 pillars all through my lunch break without having to move.  No need to enchant a pillar for eggs anymore.

I got chilly at lunch time but soon warmed right up thanks to having hot lunch and hot coffee.
After lunch I packed up and headed out with my fresh batch of eggs all in incubators.  When I got back to the suspected pond area it was raining and I could not fly my camera so I climbed up the short cliff leaving Sage behind.  Sage was not happy.

I discovered a cute little seasonal pond.  I wished I had stopped for my lunch there instead.  I did not stay long since Sage was still on the road below howling and barking in her loneliness.  When I climbed back down I found a brush pickers coat and took it with me.  The rain of course stopped by the time I got down, so I was able to fly my camera up there after all and this is what it saw:

Secret pond

On the way out I left the brush picker coat on the brush pickers truck.  I later saw him coming down from the woods .   I told him about the coat but was not sure if he understood me.

I flew my camera from the road for a bit and got some interesting foggy views before it started to rain really hard.

For the rest of the hike out the rain began lashing down and I hiked out as fast as I could so I could stay warm.  I had extra clothes to wear, but I preferred to hike fast to stay warm.

I think my hike was 8 miles round trip with about 600 feet elevation gain.

Track log drawn after the hike

A good Shake

Lunch cooking

Secret Pond

Dog tired on a bed of  Niphotrichum moss

Lake Cushman
Hot coffee

Lunch Spot

Monday, January 15, 2018

Rock Peak Area

Finally got to explore this area.  Went in Phil's car because my car is  too low clearance.  I am shopping for  good reliable 4x4 small pick up truck.  The ride up was a bit hair raising and my neck still hurts today from being too tense.  The car bottomed out quite a few times.

We found an amazing view and the lower Rock Peak after a short road walk and a very short brush crash.  Launched my flying camera up there for a better view.  Wish I had flow it farther.

On the way back down we found a plate movement monitoring station at another amazing view point.  Too bad it was getting dark by then and my pictures are not good.  I want to go back up there but not in anything low clearance.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hiking Statistics 2017

Not my highest year in a while but still within my range.  I did count some of my Seattle miles since I do spend the entire day walking when I go to Seattle.  I've only done one hike so far this year.

I keep getting assignments or little jobs that only take an hour to do but take up my entire day by forcing me to stay home.  I need to get back on the ball.  Set a day that I always hike and stick to it come rain or come shine.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

First "hike" of the new year Dosewallips state park

Decided to do something different and spend the day exploring Dosewallips State park.  Took the bus and got off at the Brinnon Store.  Had a fun day exporing the area, time went by fast and before I knew it five hours had gone by and it was time to take the bus back home.

Bus ride
Bus Ride
Dosewalips State Park

Start of my walking a frosty clear morning

Morning Coffee View

Where I sat for coffee

Dosewallips River Bridge

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Steam Donkey Trail

Steam Donkey Trail

Steam Donkey Trail  Slippery creek crossing.

Steam Donkey Trail

Steam Donkey Trail

Dosewallips State Park

Dosewallips State Park

Dosewallips State Park

Dosewallips State Park


Waiting for the bus

Bus stop

Bus ride home

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Seattle the weekend before Christmas

Getting on the Bremerton Ferry

The Olympic Mountains glow.   Seen from the 9:35 sailing of the Chimicum

New Shoes,  Downtown is kind of quiet and all
the bikes in the background make Seattle look like
a different city today.

City is kind of quiet the Saturday before Christmas.  An ambulance
and a stretch hummer pass below the Bon Marche sky bridge. (now Macy's)

The Seattle wheel is looking good, seen from the 5:30 sailing of the Chimicum
We walked 8 miles.