Monday, September 10, 2012

Duckabush post burn

Rainbow touches the Hood Canal at Triton Cove on the drive home

We met at 9am and headed for the trail head.  I guess we reached the trail at about 10.  I felt a bit dissociated all day long so I'm not too typeative tonight.

We were surprised to see the shell of a burnt out car at the trailhead.  Then I remembered reading something about several cars having been torched there.  There seems to be a spree of vehicle arsons in Jefferson County, maybe this was related.  When I got home I googled on arson and Duckabush and came up with the blog of a person who beloged to the burnt out car. 
The hike in was uneventful other than finding a couple of lobster mushrooms and some tiny chanterelle buttons that were not worth picking.  We did not find Big Hump proper so we turned around just as the trail started to go downhill.
The WTA did a lot of trail work here to open this up after lasts years’ fire.  I did not see any fire morels, I guess they only come up in the spring and this trail was closed in the spring.
We got back to our parking spot at about 6:30 we only saw four other people on the trail. 

8.5 miles with 1,500 feet elevation gain. 

 It felt longer, I think I’m coming down with my first illness of the school year. 

Basidia.. wow mushroom microscopy seems easier after six months of moss microscopy.. Maybe, just maybe I can do a gill cross section now. The nice thing about shrooms is that you can squash the heck out of them. You don't even need a razor blade, just a good eraser and smooch the fungi between the cover slip and the slide as hard as you can with a big white eraser without breaking the coverslip.. I think thise might be rather big basidia as this is only at 400x.. This is from an unidentified toothed fungi.

Not a good place to park it seems

Color me stupid

Ranger Bruce was here

way too much horse poop on the trail

Jeff in the picture for scale
"Bonfire moss" Funaria hygrometrica

The last green area before the burn

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