Friday, November 7, 2008


My raincoat does not fit over my cast and my good hand is still in recovery, it is way too soon for me to go hiking. it will be a while before this goes back to being a hiking blog. with a cast on i can't even (legally) drive up the 101 to watch the salmon swim across it today. but at least my studded snow tires will be legal again on the 15th

taking pictures with my right handed camera is difficult. i have managed to do some ok drawings with my left hand though. school and flu season is in full swing as well so i am ill with a fever and sinus complaints. so far this year my 4 year old daughter had been exposed to lice and strep throat at pre-school.

Volar Plating Distal Radius
here is a utube of the type of surgery i had. it is very graphic. my dad aften made me clean his fish when i was a kid but this is still hard for me to watch.

mushrooms made the front page of the Seattle times today!

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