Saturday, April 5, 2014


Chris at ULA overnight shipped us a new pack even though I only paid for second day shipping. Thanks Chri!
Ahhhhhhh A much nicer load
Okay my daughter is feeling perky again and I have made new plans and repacked for a two night trip in dry weather.  We were going to spend 4 nights going to the Enchanted Valley, but the weather looked awful and we were warned that it would be a bad idea to ford Pyrites Creek with a ten year old.

We will be sticking closer to the rain shadow and doing about half the mileage now.  I ditched the tarp tent (3 pounds and crazy bulk), we can just tarp it at our new destination where much less rain is expected on the days we will be out.  I also got rid of  almost 7 pounds of food and one pair of socks.  I could have gotten rid of a bit more food weight if I had a smaller containers to store Olive oil and vodka in. 

Also when we were doing a 4 day trip I was expecting my monthly visitor to arrive on the last day.  Well, that is not very likely to happen on a two day trip, so I was able to off load most of  what I had packed for that.  Yay!

 I'll be PMSin'g on the trail, so maybe it's good that I could not find a smaller container to store my Vodka in.  I'll be packing 4 days worth of Vodka on a 2 day trip.   Hmmmmmm  How is that going to work?

I guess my pack is about seven pounds lighter now, and her pack is about 3 pounds lighter.  She no longer has to carry the tarp and she has less food to carry.


ficklegardener said...

Thumbs up on the vodka...I know you are saving towards your trip this summer...any chance you would want to sell some used gear? If you want to sell your mariposa, drop me a line at Have a great time on your hike!

Mossy Mom said...

It is a Gorilla and yes it is for sale, but it was converted to a roll top closure.