Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Back to Dosewallips

The bridge over Constance Creek has been cleared of down trees and the trail head sign has been moved back to its rightful position. There are still a few trees down across the road, and people have taken to closing the National Park Gate after they go in.

I had planned on hiking at Staircase on this day but my friend wanted me to cancel my dial-a-ride to staircase so she could hike with me. My friend could have ridden the dial-a-ride with me but she did not want to be on the bus, so she asked me to cancel my dial-a-ride because she "did not mind driving".

This road washed out in 2002
So on Friday I cancelled my dial-a-ride and on Monday we headed for Dosewallips. My friend is in PT for shoulder injuries so we chose Dosewallips as a nice smooth "trail" where the chances of her falling on her bad shoulders was slim and he would not need to use trekking poles.

My friend picked me up at 9:30, but first we had to drive my daughter to school because she had missed her bus. My house was chaos. My husband lost his job, my daughter had missed the bus and I was totally stressed out. It was good to get out of there.

My husband wants to apply for disability but he's too sick to go in and do it.

My friend was quiet for most of the hike. We reached the old car campground at 1:45 and my friend seemed kind of distant.  I cajoled her into telling me what was wrong. It turned out she was upset because the drive took a lot of gas and she "had to" use her credit card to pay for gas... sigh..

Oh well, least I got out and got some good exercise and did not have to get up at 5:30 in the morning.

11 miles with 1,100 feet elevation gain

rough section just before the climb up the falls

old car campground 
the flagged off widow maker tree fell down


My mossy mom version 1.3 backpack


A trio of trilliums to represent the trinity
the trinity of shame, Guilt, Sin and Blame

Lots of  NOT Yew trees are growing on the old road bed.  In college I was taught that
these were yew trees.  This is actually a grand-fir

Dosewallips falls

Sign is back


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