Monday, April 14, 2014

Moment tarp tent product review

Moment Tarptent

I purchased a moment tarp tent last winter and I have pitched it in my yard in the rain several times, but I have not taken it on a trip.  Seam sealing this puppy has been a hassle.   It's finally water tight now  If I ever purchase one of these new I will get it seam sealed at the factory.

I bought this tarp tent second hand from someone who was switching to cuben fiber.  It came with the optional 13 section pole to make it free standing, a Tyvec ground sheet and customer seam sealing.

I've owned the Tarptent rainshadow 2 for about ten years and I've never had problems with it leaking.  This was back when the factory did all the seam sealing (I think).  The rainshadow 2 kept us all dry but it does take some time to set up.  The newer rainshadows come with line tighteners and a few other things to make set up easier, but mine is an older model.

I am amazed at how easy it is to set up the Moment Tarp tent!  This is a great tarp tent for folks who don't want to fuss around with setup.  I would like to assume that when these are factory sealed they don't leak.

My Moment has been seam sealed 4 times now and I have it back out in the yard for testing right now and it seems to be passing, the leaking has finally stopped.  The problem was with the attachment points for the optional pole and for the interior pockets. 

This was enough silicone to seal this thing

The first time I re-did the pocket attachment points I used a diluted mix of silicone and spirits and then put the tent in my yard for a test.  It leaked.  So I wrote to Henry Shires, the man who makes tarp tents and he wrote back to me right away and suggested using undiluted silicone on the attachment points and putting some silicone in the center of the patch too as there might be a hole there.  Customer service at Tarp Tent is top notch.

So did as Henry suggested and the pocket attachment points quit leaking, but then the attachment points for the extra pole are leaking.  So I have now seam sealed those with undiluted silicone.  My tarp tent is finally watertight now.

After heavy rain and a dousing with the garden  hose the inside is dry
If I had just taken this tarptent out camping without testing it in my yard, it would have been a disaster!

What I like about this tarp tent. 

It is light
Set up is super fast
Comes with great customer support
Bath tub floor
Bug netting
Excellent customer service

What I don't like about this tarp tent

Seam sealing was a nightmare of trail an error
Too many seams on the ridge line and tent body
A bit cramped inside, in the rain I would probably get my sleeping bag wet with condensation since I toss and turn all night long.

This original moment tarp tent is for sale  $200 plus shipping.  It shows no signs of wear at all.  With the included extras (Tyvec ground cloth, seam sealing and 13 section ridge pole) it would cost well over $300 brand new.

Use the comment form to inquire about buying this or message mosswalks on facebook.

The inside is dry now

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