Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pack for sale

Custom converted to a roll top due to the fussy
top closure system that comes stock
I am selling my 2013 Gossamer Gear Gorilla pack.  My pack was custom converted to a roll top closure.  This pack has about 450 day hiking miles on it.  It is in good condition other than some holes in the mesh pockets and a small round stain on the hip belt pocket and some scribbling I did on the extension collar.  The holes are small and have been repaired.  This pack is freshly laundered so it smells great!

This is a small sized pack body with a medium sized hip belt.  Gossamer Gear packs run very long, so this should fit like a Medium in any other brand of pack.

Buying this pack will give someone a chance to test out an ultralight pack without having to sell their first born child.

$25 OBO plus shipping, local pick up is an option.
This thing sells for $185 plus $35 for the hip belt plus shipping when new.

Some holes in the mesh a prettier repair job could be
done with black colored thread

Freshly laundered so it smells great

This drawing has faded and all that is left is the hand writing
and parts of the tree trunks.  Draw your own design over it with a sharpie.


Hike'n Wolfman said...

Mossy Mom, is the pack still available? I am very interested in it for my Daughter. Although the medium belt might be a bit big. Any idea how small it will go?

Mossy Mom said...

For $35, you can swap the hip belt out for a smaller one and you'll still be getting a great deal. They sell the hip belts separate from the packs.

Hike'n Wolfman said...

Yea was on GG web site looking at sizes and belts. It's a great deal. I'm in Everett and I know you in the area, but unsure where. Anyway, email me and I we can talk payment and pickup or shipping.