Thursday, April 17, 2014

Final pictures of my completed daypack

I've tinkered with my day pack a little bit and now I am completely satisfied with it until I shred all the mesh. 

My home made hiking daypack is ultra light
I added some fabric to the back of the shoulder straps to help absorb and prevent sweating.  I also added some green shock cord that I actually paid for.

The final cost for my pack was about $8.00 in materials and thread.  The final weight is 11.5 ounces. Not bad.  I could have gone lighter if I had actually paid for any of the fabric but 11.5 ounces is just fine with me.

Side view
Final bit of tinkering added material to the back of the straps
to both absorb and help stop sweating.  I did this with my
new sewing machine so the lines are pretty straight.
Final weight 11.5 ounces
Visit this blog post to see how this pack was constructed.

While making my pack I learned that my sewing machine is a total piece of garbage.  My machine was so bad that the shop offered to sell me a different machine for $45, that is $5 less than the price of repairing my garbage machine, but even then the reverse would have been non functioning.

I told that shop that I would like to have a slight upgrade instead of the same model so they sold me a nice old Kenmore 158 for $75.  The older sewing machines are better then anything you can buy in the store as they were made to last.

The Kenmore has been serviced and it runs great.  I love it!  I look forward to doing more projects now that I have a sewing machine that actually works.

My new used sewing machine

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