Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It never rains in Quilcene

My first hike with my new camera. I got a Nikon D40 with a 18-55 lens for hiking. It is so much nicer to carry than my D90 with the 18-200 lens, it is lighter and does suffer from zoom creep, so I can wear it around my neck and over my shoulder.  It cost $200, second hand.  My D90 cost $1,200 new plus I upgraded the lens later.

Changing buses in Brinnon, Dotty was off and a good driver was filling
in for her, so did I not get sick.  I probably could have eaten breakfast
before getting on the bus today.  Just look at that sunshine!
  It was raining when  I got on the bus in Shelton at 8:05

Little detour at the trail head to let someone
who looked strange pass.  It turned out he was
just fine and my caution was unwarranted. But I
got to see some interesting stuff while I was detouring.

Rhody shadow

Cherry bark texture
Homalothecium mega moss

Going up, up and up
Finally on top

Panorama from the North viewpoint sun and clouds

Two hikers dogged me all the way up
I'm amazed that they did not pass me
this is the first time that I have not been passed.

This Cetraria chlorophylla lichen is not normally this brown
This is at the south view point where I went to get away from
the two hikers that dogged me

Hypogymnia lichen are not normally brown either

I walked down on the road and I saw this Invasive moss from Europe Pseudoscleropodium purum,  I found it road side in the mountains today! Will it invade the forest next??
Fairy vomit lichen and Dicranum moss on a stump

Too bad the DNR owns this part of Mount Walker.
I saw this disgrace on the road walk.

Interesting bark on the way down

It was to cold and windy to linger at the top so to kill time after
 having my tea, I opted to walk down the road and add 2 miles to my hike

Back down to 101, proof that it does sometimes rain in Quilcene

Abandoned outhouse in abandoned campground on my Elbo Creek detour route

Jefferson Transit picking me up at 2:55 the driver
was gruff.  Maybe he did not like me taking this picture

On the bus about to get off in Brinnon

The Ranger from Dosewallips State park in Brinnon
Passed me while I was waiting for the bus at Mount Walker.
He seemed friendly, I think he is a friend of a friend.

Somehow I lost my change for the bus so I
had to buy something in the Brinnon store to get change.
This is the Mason Transit bus coming to take me to Shelton at 3:15

The rain starts as soon as the bus heads south.  This
is the Hamma Hamma river

The farther south the bus travels the harder it rains

The bus took a break at the Hoodsport visitor center
and there was none other than Ranger Davis the mushroom
stomper sitting in his truck.  Can I ever go on a hike without seeing that man?

This passenger got on at the Port of Shelton
she was dripping wet

My view
My hike today 8 miles with 2,200 feet elevation gain

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