Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maybe I don't need a macro lens for moss

I'm having pretty good luck taking pictures of moss with my 50mm prime lens but  it takes a bit of fiddling around and I'm doing it at home.  I'm still glad I have a new waterproof camera on the way though.  I won't have such good luck with my 50mm prime in the woods and certianly not in the rain.  I can always take my moss samples home to get really good pictures of them when it's not raining and the light is right.
I hope my new camera comes before we go to the Hoh.  I'm really dreaded the 3.5 hour ride out there and back.  It's going to be a very long day.  I hope I get to sit next to interesting poeple in the van and I hope we don't get packed in like sardines.  I've never even considered doing the Hoh as a day trip, I don't even go to Quinault for day trips anymore.

I get car sick if I try to read in a car so there won't be much for me to do other than look out the windows and wish I was home with my family or hiking in the Olympics..

Here are my first few experiments in moss photography
Maybe I can be the stephen sharnoff  of  the moss world.  Maybe just maybe there is a niche for moss photographers and I could add to a book someday.
I really want to learn how to use the automontage at the colleg and I'm going to really push to get the training for that this quarter.
Leucolepis acanthoneura

Leucolepis acanthoneura  with blanched future stems

Leucolepis acanthoneura

Plagiomnium insigne

Plagiomnium insigne or Badge moss

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