Monday, January 16, 2012

UPS Delivers on MLK day New Camera

 OK UPS came today so now I am the proud owner of a point and shoot camera.  Here are my fist test pictures.  I have not used it outside of digital microscope mode yet.  I think this waterproof  camera will be perfect for taking up close pictures of moss on a rainy day.  This will also help me when I am drawing pictures of mosses.  I will do the same as I did for my fungi class,  blow up the image on my computer and draw it.  That's much nicer than using a hand lens or trying to draw under a microscope in a room without enough space to draw in.

You can see the 5 lens lights in Patches eye, these are for taking micro photos

The moss on my husband's car, this is the first time I noticed the sporophytes on it

By far the clearest picture I have taken of the tiny white-tipped moss on my car

Sporophytes on what I think is Oregon Beak moss
Birds nest fungus growing through the paint on my trailer

My first liverwort note the capsule on the left

I did not see these capsules on this liverwort until I looked at the photos

Tiny Cladonia growing in my rhody

crustose ochrolechia lichen with apothecia on an oak tree

Soredia on the lichen Evernia prunastri

The eye of the tiger

Sticta limbata lichen

The eye of the tiger

The eyes of the tiger
Xanthoria polycarpa lichen

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