Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New rain gear again..

January is the month to buy clothes. I got my little one outfitted with full precip style raingear for only $30! I'd normally never buy fancy hiking raingear for a kid but it was the same price as the cheap nylon stuff so I got it for her.

This is my third full set of facny rain gear that has worn out.
I actually went to REI to get myself new rain gear. I picked up a precip raincoat for $30 off the normal pirce. They had my size in my favorite color on clearance. Do you know what the odds of that are? I'm not sure if I've ever found my size of anything in my favorite color on clearance. I was not quite so lucky with the pants though, they were not on sale and cost me $10.00 more than the coat. Normally you pay for for a raincoat.. But today I paid more for REI rain pants than I paid for a Marmot brand rain coat. I look forward to testing out my new rain gear and I am still going to sent my Marmot rain coat in for warranty replacement. Those coats are not cheap and I suspect my family will soon be plunged back into poverty so I'll get it replace and keep it as a spare.

I'm looking through this blog to try to figure out when I bought my current rain gear but the search is broke. It has been broke for well over a year and I don't know how to fix it. Sure things will come up if you use the search but not the correct things.  I think I've had this rain gear since Jan of 2009.  Two years is not long enough for such an expensive piece of gear to last.  I am for sure going to return in and I think I'm done buying Marmot gear.

While at REI I also picked up some long under wear pants on sale and a pink bicycle shirt on clearance. Then when I was about to look for more stuff on sale I remembered that I was supposed to be meeting my husband at 6pm. I looked at my watch and it was 6:05, oh no! Good thing that I had placed a time limit on myself though, when I got to the register the total with tax was $253.00. Wow it adds up fast, even when it's on sale.

I still want to buy a waterproof camera and I know what camera I want but maybe I'll hold off just a bit on that.

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