Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's pouring again

I wanted to hike on Monday but my husband started screaming and yelling and telling me how thoughtless I was to go hiking the day before he goes to work.  Then he went off to his room to pout.  He could not possible watch our daughter the day before he goes to work, it would wear him out.  Yeah right.  Watching our daughter means he lays in is bed all day long ignoring her.  But he had such a fit and made me feel so bad that I did not go hiking.  The weather was quite nice on Monday, it woud have been a nice day to hike.
So I decided I would hike today but not tell him until I was on my way out the door.  I"m sick of being yelled at for doing all the housework, all the childcare, paying the mortgage going to school full time and sometimes getting out to hike.  15 times last year. 15 whole times.

 So I head out the door this morning (followin my new plan of not telling him ahead of time when I am going to hike) only to find it is pouring with rain and is supposed to rain all day.  Three inches of rain are expected today.  I'm pissed.  My spouse said it's not his fault it's raining.  He loves to stay stuff like that to try to make me look stupid.  It is his fault that I did no hike on Monday when the weather was nice.  Same thing happened last week.  I told him I wanted to hike, he had a fit, told me how thoughtless I am so I did not go then when I went I got rained on all day long and had a miserable hike.
Of course he had a shit-fit when I told him I wanted to hike in Christmas Eve, but I went anyway and stayed dry.
FUCK!  New plan, check the weather, decide when to go, announce that I am going as I am heading out the door.  That does not give him time to yell at me and gets me out when the weather is good.  He can do his bitching when I am in the car on my way to the trail.   I'm really pissed.  I don't feel good and hiking in the pouring rain would be miserable.  It's even raining in the rain shadow, so there is no place to go.  It's not my fault that he is too weak to quit smoking and it is now killing him.  I quit smoking, so could he, but he won't and now he's too ill to hike and resents when ever I go hiking and am not home to do all the work.  Of course I never get thanked for my work, (unless I demand a thank you) it's just taken for granted that I will do everything.  It's no different when he is not working, he still does nothing around the house.  

I'm all packed to hike but instead I'm going back to bed.  At least I did not have to spend all of last night getting yelling at for wanting to hike.

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