Sunday, January 15, 2012

School and flu season...

Another quarter of taxonomy begins
The kids went back to school one week before I did and they brought home something nasty and I've been sick for the past two weeks.  I really thought I would feel better by this weekend and get to do some hiking over the MLK break.  But no... I'm even sicker now.  I feel dizzy and I have a fever.  I had hoped to hike tomorrow but between being sick and the snow that is supposed to move in, it might be best for me to stay home.

I felt so good during the break and got to do so much hiking, I guess I should just be glad for that.  I was just starting to lose weight, I hope I don't gain it back being sick.   I wish I could give my extra weight to my husband; he is so skinny now that it's getting scary.

My new camera has not come in the mail.   My text books have not come either and I'm not sure if I'm going to have all four books when they come or if I ordered the same books that the book store ordered and will need to mail order the two other books.  It's total confusion.   I bought a book on the mosses in the Ireland and England and I ordered it from the UK and I bet it will come in the mail before any of my books come from California. 

Well the UK is maritime and at nearly the same latitude, so they must have some of the same mosses.   The books from nearby British Columbia are too expensive to buy but I have ordered bunch of them through the inter-library loan.  I'm going to need to get  a wheeled cart like the little old ladies in Seattle use to lug their groceries around in when all my books finally do come.

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