Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow storm

Breaking the trail in a church parking lot with my snowtires

two days later snow plow with scary teeth

Breaking the trail to the taco truck as well

I'm still a little bit sick but this morning was the first morning in two weeks that I have woken up WITHOUT a headache, so I think I am getting better.   There is snow at sea-level so hiking in the mountains in out for me for now.  I can hike and go 4-wheeling in town this week!

I tested out my new snowshoes in town.  So far I don't think they float any better than my old snowshoes but they are less awkward.  They are more narrow and it will be easier for me to crawl over logs and brush in these shoes.  I walked around town for about a mile and the shoes helped for sure.  Everyone else who was walking around town at that hour looked miserable.  This was when the snow was fresh I was breaking the trail on the sidewalks.

testing out my shoes and my waterproof camera

I don't have the lens to do this with my DLSR so I did it with a point and shoot

He's a lumber jack and he's banannas!

I did some trail breaking in my Jeep too.  The snow was very powdery when it finally arrived and Jeeping around in it was fun.   With my snow tires I go driving for fun when it snows.  Without my snow tires I'm not going anywhere near my car.  Even my Jeep would stay home if it did not have snow tires.

Most of the moss is under snow right now butI can still find plenty of moss to collect for my class, I'm not at all worried about that.  The only thing I worry about is getting enough time in the microscopes to ID the stuff.

Too late to take the lights down now!

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