Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rock Pond

Felt a bit tired so opted for a short hike to Rock Pond.  With the roads decommissioned the hike is 1.25 miles round trip.  It seems that no one goes there anymore even though it's still just a short hike.

Road in was a bit rough but I did make it in a very low passenger car.

There is no level place to have lunch so it is jokingly called Flat Lake.  I found a comfy spot in the driftwood and had lunch with Sage.  Sage has non-stop bladder infections and is getting a tablespoon of vinegar with every meal.  If the PH of her urine changes with the vinegar treatment and she still has bladder infections then she probably has cancer.  Crossing our fingers, hoping for the best.

I took a slightly different route out just for fun and found a few old flags marking the way.  No sign that anyone has been here since the last time I was a few years ago.  I was up here just after they decommissioned the road in.

1.3 miles with 150 foot total elevation gain

Sage was liberally sprinkled with tick powder prior to this old road hike.

Wild Spearmint

Tick country 

Bridge was removed here making travel difficult

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