Saturday, July 22, 2017

Boundary Lakes

Boundary Lake

Talked my youngest daughter into hiking to Boundary Lakes with me.  We had a great time.  Track log is below in case you want to try this road hike before it gets "partially" logged.  6.5 miles with 250 feet elevation gain.  A nice enough walk for being so close to home.  My trail car is having issues with overheating, so afraid to drive it too far.

I'm shopping for a new car.  I've narrowed it down to a Jetta Sportswagon with Manual transmission.  Sure the Subaru Outback would be better, but I feel like they are overpriced.  The Jetta is a better value I think.  My current car has 113,000 miles on it and is running okay but is to the point that I will have to start investing a lot of money into it if I want to keep it running.

It is not a comfortable car and it has very little ground clearance, so even though it's been a great car I'm not going to sink money into it to keep it going til 200,000 miles.

We had data for most of this hike so I hatched a lot of Pokemon eggs.  Had to use the flying camera to find the best way to reach the water.  Sent the camera up, found a good spot and somehow walked right to it!!!  Was that luck or skill or both?

More photos later.


6.5 fmiles with 250 feet elevation gain

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