Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Old Camp in the Woods

Back to visit an old campsite well off the beaten track.  I feel like there were actually more people in the woods 20 years ago than now.  Back when people did not feel like they were required to stay on the trail and camp in established campsites.

This was a rough brush crash in places featuring lots of devil's club and slide alder on a steep slope.  At least there were no yellow jackets.    It was about 5 miles round trip with about 1,000 feet elevation gain, but it felt like a lot more with all of the route finding and brush crashing.

A good time anyway and I'm sore now.   I've lost 14 pounds this summer and I could really feel it on this hike.  I'm more agile now.  Also my iron levels are probably a lot closer to normal and that helps with the elevation gain.  My fit young adult daughter did not have to wait for me at all on this hike.

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