Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Summer day hiking list

My Sumer Dayhiking packing list

Here is what I will be packing tomorrow for a day hike:
all this goes into my home made pack

extra socks for wet feet after river/ swamp crosssings
1  pair of gloves for emergency warmth
1  pair of gloves for brush crashing through the devils club 
1 down vest
rain coat
insulating hat (in case of an emergency)
Crocks for a planned river crossing

First Aid / Emergency / Health kit in silnylon bag
Head Lamp
Spare batteries for headlamp
A few assorted band aides
Xanax to keep calm in case of an emergency overnight
Migraine medicine
Diarrhea  medicine (for backpacking)
Thick mole skin for blisters 
Pocket knife with scissors and tweezers
Ultra light reading glasses
Sewing kit , duct tape

Other fun stuff
More TP than I think I will need
Sawyer Squeeze filter on a smartwater bottle
empty 2 liter platypus if it will be a dry hike.

I always have a cup of hot coffee or tea at lunch time
Mug /stove/ wind screen / lighter / ground reflector
Vinacafe instant coffeeHeet brand fuel or denatured alcohol from the hardware store

Trekking poles 
Only if the hike is steep and without a lot of brush crashing.  Poles
are pretty useless for brush crashing.

Ricoh GRII camera 
If I expect outstanding scenery then I bring a
Nikon D7200 with 18-55 lens instead
Delorme inreach or cell phone if there is cell service
GPS Garmen 60CSX with topo map
Extra batteries for camera and gps

Hand lens
Moss collection packets
There might be some things in my pack that I forgot to list..

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