Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Fall Dayhiking packing list

Here is what I will be packing tomorrow for an extended day hike:

all this goes into my pack

Dry socks
1 pair
Gloves  3 pair
 1  for warmth while hiking
 1  for bushwhacking
 1  for overnight emergencies (fluffy mountaineering mittens are my security blanket)

 Insulating layers 1 plus
1 down jacket
+  4 hot hands instant heat packets

Hats 2
 1 thin balaclava that fits under rain coat
 1  thicker insulating hat for rest stops

Rain protection / extra layers
1 Rain coat heavy eVent
1 Rain Pant lightweight RIE

First Aid / Emergency / Health kit in silnylon bag
Head Lamp
Spare batteries for headlamp
A few assorted band aides
Migraine medicine
Diarrhea  medicine (for backpacking)
Thick mole skin for blisters
Pocket knife with scissors and tweezers
Ultra light reading glasses
Sewing kit , duct tape

Other fun stuff
Old fashioned Menstrual supplies (Diva cups suddenly quit working after six years)
TP in a sea to summit sack

1 bottle with four cups of water in it for the start
1 empty 2 liter platypus (stays in pack at all times cuz I'm getting tired of running out)
1 Sawyer Squeeze mini filter (will refill water at lake and creek)
1 syringe for flushing the Sawyer Squeeze
4 power bars
3 pepperoni  sticks
Sugar and tea  bags for 4 cups of tea
4 small roma tomatoes
1/2 pound of dog bones (patches needs a dog food sponsor!)

Mug /stove/ wind screen / lighter / ground reflector
Heet brand fuel

Trekking poles 
(for the trip down, this will be a steep hike)

DSLR camera with zoom lens (5 pounds!!)
SPOT messenger (do not trust this with your life)

Hand lens
Mushroom knife
Mushroom collecting bags

There might be some things in my pack that I forgot to list..

All this weighs about 15 pounds (not counting the camera)
That is slightly more weight than I would carry for a summer hike.

Other things I sometimes take on day hikes depending on the weather and the season
but will not be taking on this hike:

Seattle Sombrero rain hat
External flash for camera
Waterproof point and shoot camera
Bear spray  (for all solo hikes)
Moss collecting envelopes
Silnylon tarp with stakes
Ice axe

If I pack all of this stuff on a dayhike the only extra things I need to pack for  overnights are

Sleeping bag (2 pounds)
Sleeping pad (14 ounces)
Ground cloth (2 ounces)
Extra food and fuel (varies)
Sleeping clothes (1/2 pound?)
Extra fuel (Heet)

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