Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tayloria serrata, the other dung moss

 Blogger won't let me use italiacs in the title.   I finally found the other dung moss that grows on the east side of the Olympics.  Tayloria serrata, no sporophytes though.  It caught my eye due to it's dark green color.   I was looking for dung mosses as I knew I was in the right habitat zone.  I picked up this moss and with my hand lens I could see the serrated leaves so I was pretty sure I had Taylora serrata.  But this was a few weeks ago on the Church creek trail and I only got around to inspecting it with my microscope today. 

I've been too busy with mushrooms to spend much time on moss lately, but I know that will change when mushroom season ends.

Tayloria serrata

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