Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dosewallips hours before the parks shut down

I thought I'd get out and see Dosewallips falls with all the recent rain and I wanted to take a trip into the park before everyone gets kicked out.  There was almost no damage to the road from the recent rains.  There was just one really muddy spot where  creek formed during the storm and then dried up after the storm.

We did not get rained on at all.  The falls were impressive.  I made a video trip report but it got lost when I was rendering it.  I might redo it later.  Okay, I redid it but it's a bit funky in places and I'm not going to redo it a third time.. 

  I thought that all my recent high elevation gain hikes would have me in good shape for a long flat hike, but I thought wrong.  I guess you need to go for long hikes to stay in shape for long hikes and you need to go on short steep hikes to stay in shape for short steep hikes.  I did have to carry out as much weight as I would have had for an overnight though.  I had my heavy camera and external flash and four pounds of  waterlogged mushrooms.  I bet my pack weighed 30 pounds on the way out.

I need a new battery for my camera, I lost one battery and the battery I have left is going dead way too fast.  I don't know if I can get a Nikon battery in this county.

11 miles with 1,100 feet elevation gain.

tea time

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