Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fees for what?

I think the USFS has a lot of nerve to charge for parking at Mildred Lakes... the trail was not made by USFS and is not maintained by USFS and does not have the required trailhead amenities.. Oh and the 9th circuit court of appeals said it's not legal for USFS to charge folks just to park.

Now add to that the the toilet that our fee dollars pay for is closed.. HMMM

No, I did not write any of the stuff on these signs.

And one other thing, you need a high clearance vehicle just to to get to the trail head since the road recieves so little maintenence.

Our fees paid for this closed toilet
Then why is it closed?

Only the volunteer group WTA works on this trail so USFS should not be charging to park here

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