Thursday, December 18, 2014

Duckabush is impassable

Winter "oyster" mushrooms
I went up the Duckabush trail today and found it to be pretty much impassable after the lookout on Big Hump. One could continue I suppose, but it did not seem worth the effort to me. Many trees are down across the trail in the burned area.

I turned back at N47 41.228 W123 05.370 and then had my lunch at the rocky viewpoint.  It rained for over half of my hike but I stayed dry.  My gortex boots from last year are still water proof.

I finally bought myself the cook pot that I have been wanting for years. It is an Evernew .9 liter.  I could never justify to myself spending the money to get a smaller lighter pot. But after this summer on the PCT fighting to shove my bulky cook pot into my pack I decided it was worth the price. I used it today for the first time. I really like it, it's not just lighter and smaller, it also has longer handles and a better fitting lid.

I might have a Vargo Titanium ti-lite mug/pot 750  and a Snow Peak Trek 1400 Titanium pot w/ pan  for sale here soon.  I bought them on a lark because the price was right, but my new pot was already in the mail and they all came on the same day!  I'm going to play with the Vargo and the Snow Peak for a while first though.

I don't care for the start of the Duckabush trail, it's a just a logging road hike in a creepy dark second growth forest, it is no where near the river.  Then when the trail finally reaches the river and the old growth it leaves it and heads up a 1,000 foot hill away from the river and into a burned area.  On the other side of Big Hump the trail is nice, but it's too far for me to go for a day hike and on this day the trail was blocked by downed trees.

6 miles RT with 1,000 feet elevation gain

Witches butter winter fungi

My lunch time view

A creek that crosses the trail

A conk that never learned how to conk

Glowing orange edge fungi

fog worked to my advantage here

Fungi with Polytrichum juniperinum moss.

My new nifty cookpot

New cook pot with old dog

Peltigera venosa

This is the trail, we got around this but turned back later when it got even worse

Root ball pulled up the trail here

With downed trees as far as I could see we turned around here
Mossy trail head sign
View down the valley

Sunrise at Triton Cove

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