Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lower Lena Lake

  I did the Dosewallips road walk this week but I forgot to put a battery in my camera so I did not take any pictures of that hike and I did not blog about it.  For this hike I decided to take it a little bit easy and just go to the far side of Lena Lake.

The weather was forecast to be crisp and dry, so I packed my down coat for insulation and put two coats on Patches.  I do like cold dry weather, it's so much easier to keep warm when you are dry even if it's 40 degrees cooler.  When I left the house the temperature at home was 17F or -8C  It took a while to get my car thawed out before we could leave the house at 7:15 am

The trail head was empty when we arrived.  I hung my parking pass and crossed my fingers that I would not get a parking ticket anyway.  We headed up the trail at 8:30 and were at the lake at 10:30.  We did not stay on the rock long since the sun was shining in my eyes.  We headed over the log bridge and to the far campsites to have lunch.  The campsite I had in mind was well under water.  The lake was the highest I have ever seen it.  There were icicles everywhere on the hike up.

Patches had a power bar and I had a cup of tea and then a hot meal and then another cup of tea. I hate having my peaceful lunch and a ruined by a whining begging dog. Patches begged and whined for my lunch and would not let me relax until I took drastic measures to force her to go lay down.  After she laid down and was quiet for a while I gave her a third power bar as a reward for not harassing me.

We made it back down to the trail head at 3:30 and got home just before dark.

backed up and stopped to get this shot during the drive to the trail

Found a can of stew and fed it to Patches when we got home
second time I have found canned food left here

Tea time

Alder trees with wet feet

Patches begging?

Best picture ever of this waterfall by me just wish
that there was less water on the lens

Snow on moss on rocks

Wearing orange until I am sure that hunting season is over

The fancy composting toilets are still broken in spite of
all the parking fees raked in at this trail head every year

Fissidens dubious I found near the lake, first fissidens I have confidentially ID'ed

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