Thursday, December 4, 2014

4 Stream

Usnea longissima  lichen hangs off of an Acer Macrophyllum tree at Staircase campground
Up the upper 4 stream trail after fording 4 stream.  Nice old growth on this never finished trail.  The day was bright and dry and cold.  Trail is not traveled much, so there is some stuff to climb over and sometimes you have to think about the route a little bit.  In one place a tree fell over the end of a switchback and you might not see that the trail switches back there and you might keep going straight.

Patches was still limping from Lena Lake so I had to leave her at home no matter where I went.  She should not have been limping after such a short hike, but she is getting older.

Pop goes the electric bill!

7 miles with 1,200 feet elevation gain

This area was dug out and flattened

The trail ends here, you can go around the rock but it's just a way trail
that is covered in wind throw after this

Looking down the trail from the end of the trail.
Here the trail has been chipped out of a cliff face

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