Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cushman Wandering

Mount Lincoln reflections

I followed a recent survey line to see where it went and I ended up near the Dry Creek trail.  Then I wandered out onto the lake bed and checked out the new Osprey nesting platform near the old rail tracks under the lake.  The lake is low for the winter so one can walk among the stumps.  The city of Tacoma plans to make more stumps and cut more trees to help the wild life.

I did not hike on any trails and still racked up 5 miles.  I found some interesting stuff along the way too.  I've been having fun exploring all the little nooks and crannies that I always meant to explore but did not have time for because I was off doing big miles on some trail some where.

It's almost time for me to add up my miles and take my annual statistics refresher course.
I hiked 630 miles this year, most of it on trail, but a lot of off trail miles too.   I also gained 117,040 feet in elevation this year shattering all of my old annual records for elevation gain and mileage.

Following a survey line

A twisty tree on the survey line
Little waterfall on the survey line

New Osprey nesting platform in the middle of the Lake

Ice covered Climacium dendroides moss

freezing weather helped me to keep my feet dry

freezing weather helped me to keep my feet dry

The things one finds when they wander off the beaten path

Old Railroad under Lake Cushman

The original dirt road to Lake Cushman can be seen when the lake is this low

Old rail road track under Lake Cushman

Mount Rose named after Pioneer Alfred Rose
Alfred died of smallpox leaving his wife to run the farm on
the shores of early Lake Cushman before the dam destroyed the valley

Sparkle ice, stumps, water and snow

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