Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Turkey Burn (sort of)

 I was looking forward to my Black Friday hike all week.  Looking forward to this hike helped me get through Thanksgiving.  But I woke up later than planned and the rain was coming down in sheets.  Patches got soaked just going from the house to the car and when I hit the freeway the wind driven rain was coming down so hard that I was afraid to drive at the speed limit.  In defeat I turned off at the first exit and went back home.

I was in a foul mood after missing my hike and upset about the weight I had gained.  I really needed to hike and not spend another day sitting around eating pumpkin pie!

So I decided to grab my waterproof point and shoot camera and do my usual 4 mile in town loop.  My town hike was okay, I saw some interesting stuff.  I started to get chilled about 1/2 mile from home, so I was sort of glad that I was not deep in the forest miles from my car.

I'll do my turkey burn later this week after the flood watches and severe weather warnings have ended.

4.5 miles with 250 feet elevation gain.

Happy Black Friday


City hiking

Can you guess how this happened?

First shaggy mane I have found in years.  I did not pick
it since it was the only one and I had nothing to carry
it in and it was starting to deliquesce and my fridge is full of turkey

Porrela navicularis liverwort  I thought this stuff was
moss before I studied bryophtes

Unidentified mushroom with rain drop
two Mycena mushrooms too

New Transit Center being Built

Track and elevation profile

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