Friday, November 21, 2014

Mount Walker by By Bus

I'm so bored with Mount Walker, but it's on the regular bus line (no need to reserve a dial-a-ride) and it's doable all year round and it sees a lot less rain then than most of the places that I hike.  So I keep going back even though it's boring.  It is a pretty good work out.  5.5 mile with 2,100 feet elevation gain from bus stop to bus stop..  This does not count my walk from home and back maybe add another half mile for that.  The actual trail gains 2,000 feet in two miles.

No mushrooms, it's been too dry and the mountain is scoured by a professional picker whom I met today.  I also met a woman named Sally.

The bus dropped me off at 9:30 and I hit the trail head at 9:44 and was on top at 11:37  I thought I was crawling up the hill and wondered why I was so slow, but actually 2 hours up is an okay time for me.

The bus ride home went fast as I had two other hikers to talk to.  Mason transit is funny, people actually talk to each other on Mason Transit buses. Even the bus driver will talk your ears off if you let them.  Riding Mason Transit is a social event.

On the ride up I sewed a pocket onto the inside of my backpack while the diver talked about dogs and driving and stuff.  That pocket has come off a few times but I know I have solved the problem now, it just needed some reinforcement. I might be about ready to make a new backpack with all the knowledge I have gained using my first hand made pack.  But I know that I could always just keep patching it forever and never need a new pack.

My next backpack if I make another one, will have deeper side pockets and maybe some Velcro loops for holding my trekking poles in place.

A bit of sun in Brinnon

Mason Transit at the Brinnon store on the way home

camprobber.. my  on camera flash was set to commander so did not work too well

Carl was found, so I removed the signs at the owner's request.

Lunch at the south look out

View from the north look out
North Lookout.  Patches and my homemade pack

backward facing outhouses near the site of the the old look out building
I found this while wandering off trail
I'll take the $250 fine over 8 months in prison
I think it's time to update the fine..

Quick break at an abandoned car campground on the way back to the bus

Back at the Brinnon store

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