Friday, November 7, 2014

Off Trail on Mount Rose

I was still a bit under the weather but I needed some exercise. So I headed up Mount Rose. It's mushroom season and there were a few of the usual mushrooms out. No one would ever go to Mount Rose just to hunt mushrooms, it's far too much work and the mushrooms are too spread out. I missed a trail junction so I decided to brush crash until I hit the trail again. But I went too low and had to regain a bunch of elevation. It was fun to be off trail on Mount Rose. Mount Rose is getting crowded so I am doing more and more off trail stuff these days.

I was very tired so I moved up the mountain quite slowly.  My off trail travel slowed me down too.  I made it out just before dark but slightly after sunset.

The creeks were all high and water was plentiful on my route.  My handmade pack ripped near the corner of one of the side pockets and I had to stop and repair it so I could keep using that pocket.  The other side pocket is reinforced in that same spot.  I will fix up my pack before my next hike.

It's less work to repair my pack than it is to make a new one, but I am thinking of making a new one just for fun.

 6.5 miles with 3,500 feet elevation gain.

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I caught a snail trying to eat a slug and the slugs reaction. I hope the slug was able to get away.

Snail trying to eat a slug

Wood ears

Bear Head in the sky

Milk Cap with Peltigera Lichen and Kidbergia moss

English Springer Spaniel

Purple Corts
if you know anything about this guy please contact me

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