Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mushroom Mushroom!

King Bolete  Boletus edulis

I'm not telling where I went hiking today. I went to find Matsutake and I did find three of them, but look what I found in the middle of my Matsutake spot!

I had a great time hiking and mushroom hunting but the weather was very hot so I turned back short of my goal.

It's a good thing that I hike light, I had a lot of extra mushroom weight to carry on the way out.

5.5 miles with 2,000 feet elevation gain

Here are some videos from today's hike:

Finding a King in my Matse Spot:

Finding two Matsutake:

I was really hoping for this to be a Matsutake, was I let down or was it a Matsutake?

My dog eats blueberries off the bush:

Time to turn around, Patches is hot:

5 miles with 2,000 feet elevation gain

Bears Heads
Hydnellum peckii
Boletus mirabilis, commonly known as the admirable bolete, the bragger's bolete, and the velvet top, is an edible species of fungus in the Boletaceae mushroom family.
Chicken of the woods in it's prime, but I did not pick any
Chicken of the woods
I left this king behind to feed the worms
That's my lens cap for scale
Today's awesome haul: Three Matsutake, 21 King Boletes, 2 Bears Heads
3 Clusters of Blue Chanterelles and a mess of Hedgehogs all absolutely
choice gourmet mushrooms, I would have been happy to find just
one of any of these species

Two matsutake

Unknown truffle like fungi filled with maggots

Laetiporus conifericola aka Chicken of the woods


Slug eating a Russula, notice the cross in the picture
It's the trinty of slug,mushroom and moss!

Boletus edulus or King Bolete

Cream of King Bolete Soup


Dr. Lalita Calabria said...

the soup looks amazing!
And the Polyozellus-amazing!

Mossy Mom said...

Thanks.. they were amazing to look at but did not taste very good.. I won't pick them again.. I'll just admire them and take pictures of them.