Sunday, September 15, 2013

Theler Wetlands Estuary Tour

Geese circle around the Estuary

At the walking tours of the newly restored Union River Estuary Sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Salmon Center.  The Estuary is part of the Theler center in Belfair.

Two nice new bridges have been put in, but they are not open to the public yet.

After I was done taking pictures for my assignment, I went on a hike.  I managed to get in about 6 miles to add to my yearly total.  There was some repetition of my route, I don't think there is six miles of trail out there.

  I am close to breaking my all time yearly mileage total that I set last year.  This, in spite of my having to take all of August off to nurse my ankle.

I have a short,  steep, off trail, bushwhacking and lake bagging hike planned for Tuesday.

6 miles with 50 feet elevation gain

Track and elevation log

Amaranth at the Salmon Center Farm


Estuary reflections

Theler wetlands gate

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