Sunday, September 8, 2013

PCT Days 2013 in Pictures

View from my free camp spot
We headed down to Cascade Locks for PCT days put on by the Pacific Crest Trail Association.  Free camping on the Columbia river, camaraderie with fellow hikers, beautiful slide shows to watch and vendors to chat with.   This was fun, we will be back next year.

Sky View

One pan wonders

I really want this two person tarptent by Six moon Designs.

Sunrise over the Columbia on Saturday morning

Tents in the sweet light on Thunder Island
There were many, many tents here

My Leaky Eureka tent in the sun
PCT hiker looking for a ried to Crest Horse Camp

Trail angel Sage-Girl

Vendor Booths

More tents in the sweet light

Macaroni and Chanterelles for dinner

Osprey over the Columbia


Greta said...

Thanks for posting those awesome pictures! Truly beautiful. Beam me there, Scotty.

Greta said...

Thank you for posting those beautiful pictures. Truly awesome. Beam me over, Scotty!