Saturday, September 28, 2013

Church Creek Shake Down

Ultralight hiker
but what silly trekking poles!
Just a quick social hike to the top of the Church Creek trail in the rain.  4 miles RT with 1,500 feet elevation gain.. whew, that's a steep trail, no wonder it used to always kick my butt.

  My rain gear did well except for my boots.  These particular Solomon  gortex boots were never very good, they started leaking within three hikes.

 Normally Soloman gortex boots will stay water proof for about 20 hikes.  I don't know if I want to invest in another pair of gortex boots this year, so I've been spraying silicone on the surface of the boots. So far the silicone is not helping. 

The wildlife gates shut on Monday, so I probably won't be back here for six months.

red belted conk
mycena mushrooms and
Lobaria Oregana lichen

The wet forest
woolly chanterelle (don't eat these)

Pink coral

Pigs ears mushrooms
some people eat these

woolly chanterelle (don't eat these)

King bolete

Ultralight hiker

King bolete

These were in the video the last
time I hiked here, they have grown


Today's track is in yellow

2 miles with 1,500 feet elevation gain

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