Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Grand Opening of the Fir Lake invasive weed trail!

Ah isn't this so pretty!  Doesn't it look so fun to walk on?  Just wait until it snows, won't it be fun to try to navigate over all these root balls.  Please obey the sign and don't disturb any vegetation though.  Total hypocrisy.  What a waste of taxpayers money destroying the old roads by rototilling them and lining them with root balls and then calling them "trails".  Greenwashing!

BTW they killed a bunch of  native but S1 sensitive Tetrapolodon mnioides moss while rototilling the road. 

At least the new trail tread is nice for summer hikers and bikers who don't mind the view.
Don't step on the native vegetation that was smothered by black plastic on the lake shore..
but look in the background.. it's 3 miles of uprooted trees and churned up road courtesy of the forest service

Ugly!  And why so many twists in the "trail"
Ugly!, look at the straw, invasive weeds come in on that straw

This used to be a pretty green trail now its a wide dug up road with a layer of invasive weed seeds spread over it.

These are not forest mushrooms, they came in on the straw
These are not forest mushrooms, they came in on the straw

An invasive weed nursery placed at the new trail head
This straw is already sprouting tons of non-forest mushrooms

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