Friday, November 30, 2012

Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador

I am super excited to announce that I have been made a Gossamer Gear trail Ambassador!
I've been using the Gossamer Gear Gorilla pack since about 2009 and I love it.  I'm looking forward to getting one in my size.  With the help of Grant at Gossamer Gear I learned that my current pack is too big for me. 

Soon GG will send me a 2013 Gorilla in my size and they will send me cards that I can pass out to give people a discount on Gossamer Gear equipment.  Yay!  I never got to be a sponsored skateboarder due to my ankle injuries, but now 20 years later, I'm a sponsored hiker.. how kewl is that?


Gossamer Gear has now sent me a form email letting me know that I am no longer a trail ambassador.  In their words they have grown from a “cottage manufacturer to a mid-sized company with higher quality products and significantly more manufacturing capacity.”  Therefore they have slashed most of their trail ambassadors.  It seems that I did not make the grade in spite of being number one in Google search for the term “Gossamer Gear 2013 Gorilla” and in spite of all my blogging efforts.


ccorbridge said...

love your blog and photos. I lived on Whidbey Island for a time and it takes me back to the wonderful woods there. keep up the good hikes!

gsallman said...

Congratulations, and enjoy your new pack!