Thursday, November 1, 2012

What's in my winter pack?

Here is my typical winter hiking gear list for when I am snowshoeing.  If it is raining hard I leave the heavy camera at home and bring a point and shoot and I take extra polypro base layers instead of a down jacket.   Click link below to read more:

I don't normally carry any water in the Olympics.  If I know I am doing a dry hike, then I will bring my Platypus filled with water.  I don't use a water filter, so I don't drink water downstream from tree farms or outhouses.

I bring two pairs of gloves because handwarmers do not work when they are wet.  I bring two light sources because the winter days are short up here so, I do a lot of hiking in the dark and the extra light source also holds an extra battery that I can use in my GPS.  I should probably add my silnylon tarp for the winter, then I could sip my tea with getting rained on.

I won't ever carry all of this stuff at once, for example I won't carry both cameras at once I hope that at least half of the time the snowshoes are on my feet.

all weights are in ounces and on my scale:

Snow shoes, 58
Nikon D90 with 18-100mm, 48
2009 pack 29
M hardware fleece jacket 16
Leki poles 16
Lunch, 16?
Weapon 12
Rain Coat Marmot XL, 12
Rain pants REI Large petite, 11
Dogfood wet and dry     9.5
Fleece pullover 9
OR crock gaiters small , 8.8
First aid kit, 8.5
Pentax waterproof WG-1 camera, 8
Stove Fuel if bottle is full, 2
GPSmap 60 CSX, 7.6
Head Lamp Black Diamond, 5
SPOT messenger , 4.3
Fleece mitten gloves , 4
Kitchen (Can Pot) 3.5
Waterproof extra gloves 3.5
Seattle Sombrero Large, 3.5
New waterproof stuff sack, 3
2 leaky old stuff sacks 3
Orange hat, 2.6
Handwarmers (3), 2.5
Homemade fleece balaclava hat, 2.2
Dry socks in pack, 2
GPS Extra battery, 2
Bike / scrambling gloves , 1.4
TP in ziplock , 1
163.9  Ounces
             10.2 pounds

First aid kit includes: (plasters, cut mole foams, needle, thread, safety pin, extra lighter
medical tape, rubber bands, matches, asprin, ibuprofean, pepto, prescription, alcohol wipes, diva cup, large pad, "AA" LED penlight, duct tape.


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