Friday, November 23, 2012

Mount Rose Turkey Burn

I always do a Turkey burn on Black Friday, it’s much safer than shopping.  This time I joined up with a meet up group.  We met at the trailhead at 8:30.  They all took off really fast and I knew I could not keep up.  I was sweating and my left calf was cramping up, it was not fun.  Then I decided to hell with it,  and just hiked at my normal pace.  One other hiker slowed down and hiked with me.  It rained and snowed most of the day.  I wore snowshoes for about the last half mile up and about 3/4ths of a mile back down.  We took the short route up and down.

The faster hikers were waiting at the trail head.  I guess they don’t mind hiking fast and then waiting for slowpokes, so I might hike with them again.  We went to Hoodsport Coffee and ate dog treats.  I had a small drip coffee.  So I bought something on buy nothing day but at least I bought it from a small local business.
It rained about 1.5 inches on us according to a local weather map.  My top got wet under my freshly treated rain coat.  Either the coat is bad or I sweated a lot.  My bottom half stayed pretty dry.  My hair was wet in spite of my wearing a hood all day.  I forgot to bring my water bottle or put my snow baskets on my poles.  I also put my GPS batteries in backwards and did not have time to fix them because I felt pressured to go.  I was not actually pressrued to go, I just felt pressured.  I was just nervous about hiking with people.
Marcus was coming down as we were going up and he kindly gave me his water bottle.  The water coming off Mount Rose tasted so good today!

As usual on Mount Rose there were no mushrooms other than little brown mushrooms. 

It sounds like no one died shopping this year, that’s a good thing.
GPS says:
5.2 miles with 3,400 feet elevation gain 3.5 hours up 2 hours down
One way 4.18 kilometers (2.5 miles) with 1036 meters gain (3,400 feet)

Faster hikers take off

Lake Cushman


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