Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rain gear

I'm using this stuff to get my rain gear to work again.  I don't use the TX wash since I never need to wash my rain gear.  The rain keeps it plenty clean.    I'm using the TX direct to restore the water repellency.  The so called Durable water repellent finish on new rain gear never lasts for long.  Maybe should get some tyvek rain gear.  I don't sweat very much, so maybe I don't need the expensive high maintenance breathable rain gear.

Well I still got drenched from the waist up, so I don't know about my current raincoat.  I have a Marmot brand raincoat that is in for warranty repair.  I'll see if it is more waterproof.

Well it did not help much since it turns out that my Marmot precip jacket is not seam sealed!  Sheesh.. how dare they call it a rain jacket!

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